Villa and Park

Villa Lazzareschi is finely embedded in a marvelous setting. The vast park, with its garden in the famous Italian style, hosts a covered, English terrace with richly decorated floors. This noble estate, the garden and the original annexes date back to the 17th century. The whole complex was part of the ancient property connected to Villa Torrigiani, that rises near our villa. The front of the two-storey villa  is characterized by an arcade with a double staircase that leads to the garden, and by a balustraded half-landing beneath three huge arches made of sandstone. Beneath the half-landing, the walls are decorated with black and white mosaics representing two coats of arms, while the central pattern represents a nymphaeum.
The park, that stretches on the back of the villa, covers more than 10.000 m² with a green meadows surrounded by holm-oaks, firs, olive trees, camellias and age-old magnolias, some of which are more than three centuries old. Thanks to its position, “Villa Lazzareschi – Holiday Houses” is the perfect starting point to visit all the charming villas of Lucca, so rich in history and architectural perfection.

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>> The history of the Villa from the website of “Associazione delle Ville e dei Palazzi Lucchesi” (link)

Photo Gallery – Pictures of the villa, the garden and the Park